We are your neighbors: the person you bump into in the supermarket; the person who pulls into the parking lot at the post office; the person on the bike wearing a helmet, riding to another meeting of the Mid-Maine Progressive Forum; the young people and the middle-aged people and the elderly people who are engaged in interesting discussions at Selah Tea on Saturday mornings; the people who attend the city council meetings; the people who vote for progressive values; the people who write letters to the editor; the people who join various political and civic organizations to make our progressive voices heard.

 We are the voice of the progressive movement ignited by Bernie Sanders.



Hello and welcome to the Grumpy Progressive. My name is Don Smallidge and I am the Administrator for this blog. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter; I voted for Bernie at the Maine Democratic caucus and attended the Maine Democratic Convention as a Bernie delegate. I participated in a local group of concerned voters who wanted to see Bernie’s progressive agenda triumph in the Democratic primaries and ultimately in the general election. Things didn’t turn out as we hoped, so we took Bernie’s advice and organized locally as the Mid-Maine Progressive Forum. To this day we are guided and inspired by his agenda and we hope to advance that agenda locally by sharing our outlook with each other and with those willing to listen. We are also open to hear from those who wish to share their views in a civil and respectful manner (whether we agree with those views or not).

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